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At Mint Ventures – and working in partnership with the broader business angel community in Scotland and beyond – we’re on a mission to encourage many more women to become angel investors.

Despite women holding over half of the the UK’s wealth, only 14% of business angel investors in the UK are women.

The barriers to more women investing are not financial – they are cultural. Women clearly have the wealth and the business skills. But when it comes to angel investing, women often don’t have access to the same relevant networks as men do, and it can be difficult to know where and how to start.

Join us to become connected, educated, inspired and start angel investing.

Access to Finance for Women

There are numerous personal benefits of becoming a business angel investor – here’s a few below to inspire you:

  • Potential opportunity to make a return on your financial investment


  • Helping the future lifeblood of the economy by supporting innovative new ideas


  • Using your transferable skills to support small companies to grow


  • Tax benefits of receiving 30 – 50% of investment amount back in tax relief


  • Personal development by understanding more about innovative new products, services and markets


  • Meeting like-minded people


  • Invest from as little as £2000 per annum and add to your investment mix of ISAs, property and pensions


With as little as £2000 and a small amount of time invested, as a woman business angel you really can make an incredible difference in supporting innovative new companies, holding an inexperienced entrepreneur’s hands to help spur them on to greater heights, and inspire both current and future generations to come.

Become a Member of Mint Ventures

We welcome women who are interested in investing in start-up companies developing innovative products and services, which are socially and ethically responsible, with a focus on those products and services that meet the interests and needs of women.

Members will learn and develop angel investment skills and be provided with curated opportunities to make their own investment decisions in a supportive open environment, alongside other angels who can share their learning and experiences. This support is provided through regular on-line and off-line events in a woman-friendly environment – and at a woman-friendly time.

Interested members are also introduced to investment opportunities from other business angel syndicates that we partner with, providing access to wider investment opportunities. Members may also contribute time and expertise to start-up companies through mentoring and advisor / director roles.

Before you can invest, there is a legal requirement to be certified as a High Net Worth Individual OR as a Sophisticated Investor. Through our membership and associated development programme you can become certified as a Sophisticated Investor within six months.

Become a Member of Mint Ventures

First year membership costs £650 and includes 6 online training modules:

  • Opportunity assessment 
  • Due diligence (checks and balances)
  • Start up Board governance 
  • Legal documentation
  • Tax benefits
  • Portfolio and Risk Management
  • Free access to full UKBAA business angel training program
  • Membership of UKBAA and access to their events

And that’s before we even mention the investment opportunities, fun networking events and many social aspects with like-minded people.

Free Angel Introductory Course

Click here for our free online introductory programme to help you decide if you want to become a business angel. (approx. 90 mins)